Dedicated Server Hosting

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Unhappy with the level of service supplied by your present hosting company and searching for a better option; afterward Servelogic Plc is the solution. dedicated server hosting that gives your company a cutting edge and can be exceptionally dependable. Their dedicated hosting is performance based and has established high standards in the hosting area.

Minecraft server hosting include hosted Microsoft exchange, hosted SharePoint services, live communication server and a lot more. It’s the 1 stop store for all your dedicated host hosting needs and ensure that you get most suitable hosting services for your company needs in an affordable way. The most important highlight of Servelogic Plc is that it functions in an extremely secured and simple hosting system. This hosting system is able of handling hundreds of thousands of internet sites and countless e-mails every day.

The Servelogic system is totally lined with load-balanced front end servers, clustered back-end servers and fiber channel storage system. This ultimately helps to ensure that your hosting applications are fully optimized and function nonstop round the clock.

Servelogic Plc’s dedicated server hosting has been accompanied by Dell Dedicated fault tolerant Servers as regular. This implies complete management service such as patching and backup up to application level.

Additionally, Servelogic Plc provides to re-locate your servers inside their data center with springy internet bandwidth and electricity. This generally provides you remote power reboot centers by means of a secure web browser.

Servelogic Plc’s dedicated server hosting has been separated into three distinct types. These 3 Distinct Kinds are as follows:

* Standard Windows Dedicated Server Hosting with 200GB space

* Professional Windows Dedicated Server Hosting with 200GB space

* Premium Windows Dedicated Server Hosting with 200GB space.

These 3 kinds of dedicated server hosting are all made in such a manner that the customer can select one depending upon business needs and requirements.

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