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Whenever I am talking to my buddies about a news story and I can’t recall the specific origin, I let them Google it. I really don’t say it is from the Free Lane Star or the New York Times; however, it’s always Google it. Together with my parents, even however they always mention the local paper, The Journal. I believe that it merely serves three very tiny counties. Another day I tried finding it online and once I did, the website was pathetic. No up-to-date standing on tales; they posted exactly the exact same thing that they place in their own paper. The issue with this is that The Journal is printed once every week. Normally the information is obsolete or strictly neighborhood.

The majority of these small city papers are failing in the modern internet journalism. Journalism remains alive and flourishing; nonetheless, papers are dying quickly. The Tucson Citizen at Southern Arizona will soon be closing its doors after 140 years this Saturday. They are not the only ones that are having problems keeping their newspaper afloat. The LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and Philadelphia Inquirer have sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the last year.

The question should not be “Why are not people reading the news” But “Why are not papers going online?” My friends have connections to and it is daily e-mails. I get the true paper delivered to my flat though. The sole real reason I have it is not habit, but since the subscription was liberated when I transferred in. The one thing I use the newspaper for is kitty litter clean up. Fewer and fewer people still rely on newspapers as their go-to origin. I know my dad is among these. It may be a generation gap, however more and more you will find individuals in their fifties that want to go online and browse the tales only because it cost less.